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Game drives, Tiger Safaris, Big Cat Safaris:

Voronin Big Cat Safari Breaks All Records



A recent Big Cat Safari with Alex and Tanya Voronin photographed no less than 11 leopards and 9 tigers during their 10 day stay at Londolozi and Tiger Canyons. In addition lion and cheetah of the cats were seen on several occasions as well as 16 hyena cubs at a den site....read more

You have to book - contact Sunette for accommodation and tiger experience
E-mail: info@jvbigcats.co.za
Tel: +27 51 773 0063
Cell: +27 82 89 24680

Sunette will book accommodation at Starry Nights Karoo Cottages - www.starrynights.co.za

We have 15 tigers, 8 cheetah and serval. We have converted vehicles where you are behind bars and the tigers are free - lovely photo opportunities.

1) We do the game drives in the early morning or late afternoon - the tour is about 3 - 4 hours. Includes tiger talk, game drive and breakfast (at platform overlooking the canyon) or dinner (in the barn)

2) We do tiger safaris (1, 2 or 3 days), private car with John Varty

3) We do Big Cat Safaris with John Varty - 3 days at Londolozi (Big 5 reserve) and 3 days at Tiger Canyons. You may be able to see leopard in the morning at Londolozi and tigers in the afternoon at Tiger Canyons. Nowhere else in the world is this possible...

4) We book safaris at Londolozi Game Reserve (with or without John Varty)
Londolozi is world renowned as one of Africa’s finest game lodges. Breeding herds of elephant and buffalo roam throughout the Londolozi area, while white rhino and lion concentrations are amongst the highest recorded on the African continent.

The tiger experience includes:

A game drive in a specially protected vehicle where you may get up close to free ranging tigers. The landscape and famous Karoo evening light provides perfect photographic opportunities to capture the tigers.





Starry Nights Karoo Cottages in Philippolis

30°  15'  42.4'' South
25°  16'  19.6'' East

12, 16, 26, 28 Tobie Muller Street, Philippolis

From Cape Town: turn left at NG Church
From Bloemfontein: turn right at NG Church
(50m to Starry Nights Karoo Cottages)

How to get to Philippolis

1) Bloemfontein - 120 km on N1 - take R717 at Trompsburg, 60km to Philippolis
2) CapeTown - take R717 at Colesberg - 60km to Philippolis

Sunette will show you the cottage and give you a map with directions to Tiger Canyons



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Voronin Big Cat Safari breaks all records

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